The CrafTee Story

Discover the journey of CrafTee lil Thingz, where our name symbolizes the evolution of a dream into a diverse creative empire. Founded by Susan Eason, a seasoned designer with over 20 years of experience, CrafTee began as a spark of inspiration in 2023. It all started with a simple yet powerful tool - a circuit machine, and a vision to transform ordinary t-shirts into wearable art.

This humble beginning, crafting bespoke t-shirts, was just the seed that blossomed into a larger service offering. Today, CrafTee lil Thingz is not just about t-shirts; it's a celebration of creativity in various forms. From dazzling bling shoes and unique party favors to bespoke journals and innovative digital products, our range is a reflection of Susan's expansive creative vision.

In 2024, we're expanding our horizons even further, offering Canva classes to inspire and empower new creatives. At CrafTee lil Thingz, we believe in the power of art to transform and uplift. Join us on this journey, where every creation is a story, and every design is a piece of our heart. Welcome to CrafTee lil Thingz, where creativity blossoms and dreams take flight.